Heartland Farms, Inc.

Heartland Farms is an irrigated Potato & Vegetable farm operating in five counties of Wisconsin. We currently ship out of four locations including: Almond, Amherst Junction, Hancock, and Spring Green. We are currently farming approximately 14,000 irrigated acres and have been experiencing substantial growth

Our largest customer is Frito-Lay Inc. We also sell potatoes to several regional potato chip manufactures. Currently in addition to Frito-Lay proprietary varieties we produce Snowden, Atlantic, and Pike.

We currently ship chipping potatoes from our Wisconsin operation from August through June 15th. We have storage capacity for over 3,500,000 Cwt. (160,000 tonnes) Shipping capacity is approximately 60 truck loads per day.

Other crops produced are sweet corn, canning peas, green beans, and soybeans. All of the vegetable crops are sold to Wisconsin food processors.

The original farm was settled in 1863 by August Pavelski, great grandfather to current president Richard Pavelski when he emigrated from Poland. We were incorporated as A. M. Pavelski & Sons Inc. in 1974 and Heartland Farms Inc. became the successor in 1990. The original 80 acre farm was near Amherst Jct. in Portage County and is still being farmed today. We have experienced rapid growth in the last twenty years and have spent over 40 million dollars on capital improvements at our facilities over the last 15 years. This is in addition to substantial land acquisitions, and farm equipment purchases. Richard grew up on the farm and has been active in the business since graduating from Pacelli High School in 1967. Richard also has prior experience as the President and sole owner of Pavelski Enterprises Inc., one of the largest privately owned agricultural fertilizer and chemical supply operations in the Midwest